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Never wanted a headband? Now you do

Bet you never knew headbands could be so empowering.

  • 5 Practical uses for everyday life
  • Reviving the "retro look"
  • Life-saviour in desperate situations
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Bring your relationship up a notch with couple toothbrushes. Promotion ends 14 February.

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Get your second Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask at 50% discount! Promotion ends 12 February.

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This CNY, eat to your heart's content 🤤

Don't shy from consuming the tasty CNY snacks, just make sure you detox afterwards 💨

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  • Removes waste to avoid toxic retention
  • Increases satiety - so you'll eat less!
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Start smiling with confidence ✨

Adding a natural radiance to your teeth has never been easier.

  • Effectively rids yellowness of the teeth
  • Easy to use
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