7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising

February 22, 2021

We get it – we all love shortcuts.

Having a clean room without sweeping the floor? Robot vacuum.

Becoming a millionaire without working 12 hours a day? Buy Toto.

Losing weight without dieting or exercising? Read on.


But before we reveal these lifehacks, here’s a disclaimer: we’re not advocating for a shortcut to achieving your ideal body weight.

After all, a proper diet and exercise regime is definitely the most concrete blueprint to getting in shape.

And also the tons of health benefits that accompany it.


Anyway, that’s not why you’re here. So let’s dive right into it.


Note: These life hacks are by no means unhealthy in anyway. They are all healthy practices that serve as an alternative for those who are overwhelmed with their lives and cannot find time to meal-prep or work out.

1) Chill when you chew

woman feeding salad

Without overwhelming you with too many medical jargons, let us explain it this way. The faster you eat, the less time your body has to process that you are full.

When you chew slowly (and properly), digestion is enhanced, and you are less likely to over consume. When you consume lesser, your calorie intake will become lower.

So on and so forth... you get the gist.

2) Drink more of Bruce Lee’s favourite drink

water pouring from jug

Did you know that laughing actually helps burn calories? It’s not very significant, but every calorie counts. So here goes a lame joke!

Q: What is Bruce Lee’s favourite drink?

A: Wa-tahhhhhhhhh

Anyway, do drink more water. If the reason isn’t clear enough, let’s break down some numbers.

1 cup of Beer: 97 calories

1 cup of Soda: 101 calories

1 cup of Whole Milk: 149 calories

1 cup of Apple/Orange Juice: 116/119 calories

1 cup of Water: 0 calories


We’ll let you do the math 😉

3) Susenji Gold Slimming Gel

Susenji Gold Slimming Gel

This upgraded and improved slimming gel boasts double the fat burning effects, and carries with it skin whitening and anti-ageing care.

It also comes with an all-new medical-grade steel rollerball massage head, thereby eliminating the need for a separate massager or even having to use your hands at all.

And it is way easier than preparing a healthy meal or going for a 30-minutejog.


What you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Apply the Gold Slimming Gel to areas where you want to lose fats

Step 2: Feel the heat few minutes after application

Step 3: Let it burn the fats

Step 4: Do it twice a day, after shower

Apply it consistently and you should be able to see results in a week.

4) Susenji Mofa Detox Drink

Susenji Mofa Detox Drink

Okay, I know we said no dieting, but this is an exception. Rather than having to carefully cater your every meal to meet the specific requirements for your ideal weight, you can simply include this Mofa Detox Drink into your meals.

It is an all-natural 100% vegetarian fibre detox drink that contains a high composition of natural fresh orange powder, which is what gives it its sweet & sour taste. Orange is also an oil absorbent fruit that is high in Vitamin C – aiding the process of burning fats and losing weight.

It removes waste from your body to avoid toxic retention, inhibits fat absorption and increases satiety (makes you fuller) to help shed extra pounds.

On top of eating lesser, it also promotes metabolism for you to maintain a healthy weight.


Here’s how to consume it:

Step 1: Add a sachet of Mofa powder to 150 – 200ml of room temperature water

Step 2: Consume the concoction 2 hours after dinner and 30 minutes before bedtime

Step 3: Visit the toilet after 6-8 hours for a good cleansing session


It works even better in tandem with the Gold Slimming Gel, and you can get both product at a discount if you get the Susenji Favourite Bundle.

5) Clock your Z's

woman sleeping

This one is hard, and we personally relate on another level. Why?

Because your day is spent busy with work, catching up with friends, or even taking care of kids.

And when bedtime comes, you think: “Ah, I can make do with an hour less of sleep. Let me enjoy my me-time.”

That is called “revenge bedtime procrastination”. Search it up, it’s a real thing.

But here is why sleep is so important.

Poor sleep interferes with important hormones that contribute to metabolism. Which means the lack of proper sleep will increase your risk of being overweight or obese.

Take your chances if you will, but we’d strongly recommend against.

6) Do a daily reality check

By that we mean, weigh yourself daily.

It is easy to avoid confronting the fact that our body weight is less than our own ideals.

Most of us do that by simply not weighing ourselves. What we cannot see, don’t exist. Right?

No, not really.

By weighing yourself every day, you’re reminding yourself that you have to take conscious actions to achieve your goals.

You can also monitor your progress closely, which so happens to be the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.

So even if you don’t like it, try to weigh yourself every day. You maybe pleasantly surprised.

7) Brush your teeth..?

Disclaimer: This one’s a little unorthodox – give it a shot or not, it’s entirely up to you.

You know how people who put on braces initially saw a decline in their weight? That’s not because they aren’t as hungry as before, but there is an extra effort required to brush off the food remnants that got stuck in their braces.

With the same mentality, you can try to brush your teeth earlier in the night – not just when you’re about to head to bed.

That way, it will deter you from wanting to snack before you sleep. Otherwise, you’ll have to brush your teeth again.

Cumbersome, isn’t it?

Also, the minty taste of toothpaste when combined with certain flavours just taste horrible.

In more ways than one, brushing your teeth early in the night can deter excessive snacking, which is actually the culprit behind most of our calorie intake.

Of course, there is no science backing this up, so we’ll leave the experimenting up to you!

Spice up the process

Mooi Duo Bristle Electronic Toothbrush

Of course, that requires a huge deal of discipline, so here’s a little incentive for you to want to brush your teeth.

Add a little excitement to the otherwise mundane process of brushing your teeth by getting an electric toothbrush.

Mooi’s Duo Bristle Electronic Toothbrush not only makes brushing your teeth a little more exciting, it is also a lot more convenient.

It also doubles as a lip exfoliator, and it comes in 4 different speed modes.

Sounds exciting already, doesn’t it!


End of the day, you shouldn’t be expecting to see results overnight. These are lifehacks, not black magic.

But if you’re not consistent, even running 10 kilometres can only do so much for you.

That said, with enough discipline, these are good enough for you to witness significant improvements in your weight loss journey.

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