Top 5 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Headband

February 19, 2021

Admittedly, no one really wears a headband anymore these days. But hey, that’s the beauty of fashion.

It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Baggy pants were wildly popular in the 90s, and then skinny jeans took over for a good decade, starting from the late 2000s.

Guess what, baggy pants are making a comeback. And if you can manoeuvre it, we’re expecting headbands to be resurfacing.

In fact, it already did.

Aesthetics aside, there are also 5 reasons why every girl needs a headband. Let us break it down for you.


1) Perfect for putting on makeup

girl wearing headband to put on makeup

Stop wishing you were bald just because your hair GETS IN THE WAY EVERYTIME YOU TRY TO PUT ON MAKEUP.

Seriously, it’s not worth it. Your hair is gorgeous. We know it.

How then, can you put on makeup without feeling like your hair is the bane of your existence?

The solution is simple –headbands.

Simply have it hold your hair back while you go ahead and look fabulous.

You’re welcome.


2) Perfect for removing makeup

girl wearing headband to remove makeup

If you think putting on makeup with long hair is annoying, you have another thing coming your way(later the same night).

After rounds of struggling trying to keep your hair where it should be (not in your face) while you’re putting on makeup, here comes the sequel.

Firstly, your hair is going to get wet.

Secondly, your makeup cleanser is going to get onto your hair.

Lastly, your hair is going to get in the way of you cleaning your face proper.

Now, your hair is in a state less than ideal, and your face isn’t exactly clean. Double whammy.

Why go through all the hassle when all you have to do is to hold your hair back with a headband?

Once again, you’re welcome.


3) Perfect for bad hair day

girl needs headband for bad hair day

Okay, maybe this one’s a little bit related to aesthetics.

Maybe a lot.

But picture this for a moment.

After a long day out, you get home and decide to have a refreshing shower before you head to bed.

To your dismay, you woke up with bad hair. Disastrous. And you think to yourself, “Should I wash my hair again? But I just did 10 hours ago…”

We bet you aren’t going to wash your hair again. And we like our chances.

But what if we told you…you don’t actually have to?

Because messy hair don’t command as much attention as a cute headband does.

Simply sit your headband comfortably on top of your head and for the third time, you’re absolutely welcome.


4) Perfect for your “casual look”

girl wearing headband for casual look

Alright ladies, pay attention to this one.

Every had one of those days where you had to look presentable, but as the same time you cannot afford to come off as extravagant?

You know what we’re talking about.

Wearing a headband is the perfect fix. Nobody will look at headbands as a “show-off”, and at the same time accessorising your hair shows you care enough to look good for the occasion.

Win-win? Win-win.


5) Perfect for “S**t, I woke up late again.”

girl needing a headband because she overslept

It happens to the best of us.

Sometimes, our alarm fails us.

Sometimes, our desire to sleep overwhelms us.

And sometimes, the weather is just too good lah.

Regardless of the reason, we all have those days when we cannot get out of bed in time. Be it for a Zoom meeting, a brunch date with your bestie, or rushing for an appointment to get your nails done.

But even when you’re in a rush, you shouldn’t risk going out with greasy and messy hair. That’s a big no-no.

That’s when your headband comes in – to save the day.

Now you look presentable with a dash of cuteness. Best part of it all? It takes you no more than 10seconds to put the headband on.



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