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Krauter Renewal Herbal Peel Set


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The first domestic herbal peeling product in the country emerged. European Medical Cosmtics specialises in Herbal Peel Products. Zellkur's Herbal Therapy is a skincare treatment designed to get the medicinal herbs of acicular structure to penetrate into skin pores and induce its active substances to shed unwanted dead skin cells, bringing out a moist, healthy and beautiful skin. 

Do read our article to find an in depth review of our Zellkur Herbal Peel

Things to take note:

Sunscreen is a MUST after doing herbal peeling

Pimples that are under your skin will start to surface & be gone after a few days. Due to clogging of skin, dirty residues won't come out. Thus our Zellkur will push them out. 

Feel free to use your own skincare brand once the skin is done flaking or after 1 week.

Renewal Cream set is suitable for acne, sensitivity and oily skin. 

Key Ingredients: 

Boswellia Extract
The hardened sap from the bark of the pistachio tree. It strengthens the immunity system & help to keep our body healthy

Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins that prevents cell membrane damage & tissue damage by restraining the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids which are easily oxidized in cells. 

Evening Primrose Oil
It is a 100% vegetable oil & rich unsaturated fatty acid which is called Gamma Linoleic acid. It controls skin balance & helps moisturise skin. 

Panthenol is a type of vitamin B5. When it is absorbed into the skin, it is converted to pantothenic acid which stimulates & helps regenerate the skin.

Soft Cleansing Therapy
Suitable for users with no major skin concerns/glowy skin

1/4 Peel Powder + Serum 

Mild Therapy
Suitable for users with dull & sensitive skin

1/2 Peel Powder + serum

Strong Therapy
Suitable for users with acne, blackheads, scarring & wrinkles

1 bottle of peel powder + serum