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Notime Face Ioniser 2020


We are back with Notime's most popular Face Ioniser. Our Notime Cleansing Rejuvenation Device is a facial beauty device with 5 main function to help with deep cleansing, rejuvenation & facial lifting. 

LED Light Therapy - Warm cleanse mode emits mild head to open pores that aids in deep cleansing, resulting in blemish free skin with clean & refined pores. 

Galvanic Ion Massage - The Essence In mode drives skin care products deep into the skin, promoting cells elasticity. Red light promotes collagen stimulation, resulting in firmer skin & prevention of wrinkles. 

Electronic Muscle Stimulation - EMS is used to activate the skin cell, rejuvenation of collagen to improve skin elasticity, soften wrinkles & leave skin looking smooth & healthy. 

Eye care Mode - Promotes the absorption of eye cream & essence, resulting in brighter skin & wrinkle prevention around the eye area.

Icing Mode - Cools the device down rapidly to sooth inflamed skin and blue light kills acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin which helps treat severe acne pimples, including cysts & nodules.