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Instant V Face Firming Mask

Emobsessed’s bestseller and highly-raved about firming mask that replenishes collagen and enhances facial contours for a slimmer, more V-shaped face.

SGD 40.00 SGD
Effectively replenish facial collagen
Shape Facial Contours and lift your face
Results proven in less than 7 days!
Free delivery for orders above $80
Free delivery for orders above $80
My face got slimmer and reduce puffiness.
Suzy Adams

Feel the new you.

It’s like having a new skin. Turn back the clock with this tightening mask that shrinks pores, lightens marks, lifts the entire face – including down turned lips, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles such as smile lines and tightens the jawline, making your face look smaller and more youthful. It’s essentially a flash botox effect that we are so living for.

The secret behind its magic? It contains Brazilian Pectin, an ingredient similar to caffeine, which dehydrates fat cells, reducing fluids in cellulite tissue while lifting the skin to contour the face effectively. Also, expect to see increased skin elasticity and smaller pores, thanks to the chamomile extract in this tub of wonder.


Water, pectin, zea mays (corn) powder,tamarindus indica extract, collagen, honey, sea buckthorn, hippophae rhamnoidesfruit extract, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

How to Use

Wash and cleanse facethoroughly before applying mask