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Skin Care

Limited Edition Mask (3 Pieces)


Shero Ching's latest collaboration with Alban Muller has sought to launch their latest 3 Masques in 1 Gift Set which consists of 3 different types of application masks.

Sake Yeast Mask helps with repairing, brightening and has anti-aging properties.
Kaolin clay helps to cleanse deep within the pores and contains skin tightening properties
Tofu Mask helps to boost collagen and cope with UV damage by reducing melanin production.
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I’ve been diligently using for the past 3 months and I can safely say that my skin has gotten a lot firmer and feeling young again.
Suzanna Halim

Beauty is sacred.

Reverse a couple of years with a mask.

This product consists of:

Caviar Clay Mask: Suitable for people withblackheads, closed comedones, acne, dull skin and when your skin requires deepcleansing.

Tofu Mask: Suitable for sensitive skin and dehydratedskin. It can be used for daily hydration, promotes collagen production &restores skin elasticity.

Sake Yeast Mask: Suitable for skin with dehydrationand rough skin. It can inhibit melanin production and prevent pigmentation,thus helping your skin and preventing ageing.


Our raw material is also 100% selected fromthe highest quality of French Origin. It contains 3 different clay that helpsto restore PH level and soak up excess oil on the skin. Using Kaolin clay, ithelps to cleanse deep within the pores and contains skin tightening properties.

How to Use

Wash and cleanse facethoroughly before applying mask