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Seeme Eyebrow Pencil


For those who want to achieve natural looking eyebrows.Featuring a retractable pencil, powder and brush, this multipurpose eyebrow tool helps you to achieve eyebrows that are as natural-looking or bold as you desire.

Transform your brows with just a few flicks.
Ideal for spot filling sparse or over-tweezed areas.
The ultra-fine tip makes adding detailed definition to your brows easy.
Free delivery for orders above $80
It’s so easy to get that corner end of the eyebrow done well with this pencil.
Serena Wong

Draw with perfection.

Never have to worry again. Comes with a unique triangular tip pencil that glideson easily to shape your eyebrow. In the centre, there's a sponge-tip applicatorfilled with brow powder to create fullness and depth. Can even be used as a mini contouring brush for yourcheekbones and nose bridge.


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How to Use

Step 1: Draw your brows with the tip

Step 2: Use powder brush to cover upuneven holes and lighten your eyebrow colours