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Sterilisation Sticks

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Dr Clo's Sterilization Stick uses Chlorine Dioxide to sterilize the air from viruses and microorganisms. Patented nano filter ensures that Chlorine Dioxide is released in a controlled manner that disinfects and deodorize the air. Chlorine dioxide from Dr Clo is safe to use which is certified by WHO, FDA, EU and Korea. Dr Clo Sterilization Stick is rated as a Class 1 Medical device by the FDA.

Eliminate viruses and germs in our living space.
By killing viruses and germs etc. the bad smell also eliminates automatically.
Suitable for anyone who are trying to eliminate viruses, germs, and foul odours in their living space.
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Having kids at home, I was looking something to sterilised the house and bedrooms and found this product in Emobsessed. It’s effective and our family feels so much safer with the sterilisation sticks placed in our home.
Bryan Tan

A clean and safe home for every family.

Protect your loved ones and yourselfwith just a few sterilisation sticks.


Chlorine dioxide (CD), which is awater-soluble, yellow gas at room temperature, exists as a relatively stablefree radical and is a very strong oxidant agent. Therefore, when dissolved inwater, CD has potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria and viruses invitro.

Too much Clo2(Chlorine Dioxide) can causedizziness or nausea. But Dr.Clo considered the ppm of Clo2, our sticks spreadjust low ppm which is not harmful to the human at all. We have tested reportsfrom the approved agencies by the Korea government, and the only Clo2 productwhich is registered US FDA. less than 14% of sodium chlorine (solute), lessthan 5% of hydrogen chloride(solvent).

How to Use

Step 1: Hold the ends ofthe stick and bend with a little force.

Step 2: With a snap,stick activated.

Step 3: Place it anywhere you want.