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Susenji Favourite Bundles


Your first step to a healthier body inside out with our favourite duo bundles which consist of both Susenji Gold & Mofa detox drink. 

Do indicate the quantity of Susenji Gold & Mofa in the bundle of 4 when you cart out. 

Feel free to mix and match to your liking

Concerns (External)

  • Weight loss
  • Water Retention
  • Cellulites reduction
  • Lymphatic Drainage 
Concerns (Internal)
  • Acne
  • Weight loss
  • Water Retention
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Weak Body immunity
  • Constant Constipation & Indigestion

Susenji Gold 

24k Gold

Fine particles of gold (or active gold) can penetrate into the skin, creating an excellent import environment for better nutrients
absorption in skin, make out skin more lustrous and healthier. At the same time, the gold particles that have been micronized will
deeply penetrate into the skin, strengthen the immune system of skin cells, and tightening the aging and sagging skin.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen is small molecular weight collagen peptide which developed from scientific processing method. It can effectively replenish the collagen amount in our body, restore skin elasticity and regain the firmness, at the same time reduce skin sagging, smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles to create a beautiful and flawless skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate also known as hyaluronic acid, is the most moisturizing substances found in the nature which also been called as the ideal natural moisturizing factor. It can help to improve skin nutrient metabolism, provide soft and smooth skin, remove wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and prevent aging signs. Besides moisturizing, it is also a good transdermal absorption enhancer.

Vanillyl Butyl Ether (Vbe)

Vanillyl Butyl Ether is an oil-soluble heat sensitizer. Once applied on the skin, it can quickly produce a mild and long-lasting heating effect, which include accelerating micro-circulation, stimulate subcutaneous fat metabolism and enhance capillary blood circulation. The thermal sensation of Vanillyl Butyl Ether is several times higher than pepper extract and it is low in irritancy, it can be maintained for several hours, yet a strong thermal sensation can be obtained with a very low dosage. Vanillyl Butyl Ether is a stable and safe ingredient with a pleasant vanilla flavor.

Mofa Detox Drink

Natural Fresh Orange Powder

Susenji Mofa Orange Drink contains high composition of natural fresh orange powder, where it's sweet & sour taste is favoured by everyone. Orange is an oil absorbent fruit and it's rich in Vitamin C property helps to burn fat, lose weight and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. 

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is the source of natural water soluble fibre. It aids to loosen the bowels to relieve constipations, treat ulcer and high blood pressure. Inhibits fat absorption, lower blood lipids and prevent intestinal cardiovascular diseases such as colitis. 

Comprehensive Digestive Enzyme

Formation of Amylase, protease and lipase which helps digestion and effectively decomposes collagen, fat and carbohydrates. This combination of natural botanic plays a significant role to human body as it may repair gastric mucosa and strengthens enterogastric peristalsis. Without the digestive enzyme, those indecomposable substances especially protein may cause leaky gut syndrome where nutrients and harmful bacteria may go into blood, resulting inflammation & blood poisoning. 

Apple Fibre

Promotes the secretion of gastrointestinal hormone, regulates probiotic and prevent breeding of bad yeast, germs and parasites. Apple fibre is a super absorbent ingredient which is able to absorb large amount of water and excretion of toxic metals through anus and intestines. 

Susenji 24K Gold

Roll the gel over targeted area for 1 minute, dab a little bit of water to speed up fat burning process. Works better when you exercise after applying the gel. 

MOFA Detox Drink 

Add 150 - 200ml of room temperature water and one sachet of Mofa powder into Mofa Shaker, shake well. Consume it 2 hours after dinner & 30 minutes before bed time. May experience bowel movements after 6-8 hours.