Sheroching Hydrating & Nourishing Care Mask


Previously known as Medical Cold Compressed Mask. Our no.1 BEST seller mask is finally back again. A lightweight & simple mask that works miracles on countless faces. 

3 Major water-locking components Tremella extract + glycerin + betaine inhibit skin moisture loss, epidermis forms a natural component protective film on the skin surface which is conducive to the absorption of of moisture and nutrients into the skin locking it all in. 

2 Major soothing ingredients Houttuynia cordata + Cactus soothes the skin &  instantly relieves skin discomfort, irritation, inflammation skin stress and is very calming and soothing. All natural plant ingredient.
Net Content: (5g + 10g) × 5 Sheets/box
Receive a free Dropper Bottle worth $4.90 with every bundle of 3 boxes ordered.

Shelf life: three years