Dr. Ora Fruit Infused Water Pack


Dr. Ora Infused Water Pack uses the freeze-blasting process at 40 °C to remove 98% of the water content. It allows the fruits to preserve their natural nutrients, antioxidants, freshness, and flavours without the use of preservatives. The fruit pack is made with 100% real fruits, 0% fat, and no artificial preservatives, flavours, or sugar.

There are a total of 3 kinds of Fruit Infused Pack:
1. Enzyme B (Pineapple, Honeydew, Lemon)
2. Pinkbiotics (Dragonfruit, Snow Pear, Kiwi)
3. Vitaboost (Orange, Snowpear, Jasmine)

Each box comes with 5 sachets
Purchase bundle of 3 & receive 2 extra sachets (random)

How to use:
Consume 1 pack a day with minimally 150ml of room temperature water & refill the bottle throughout the day. The fruits can be eaten at the end of the day.
*Do not use hot water as it will deteriorate the fruit enzyme.