ONE-DAY’S YOU P.Z. Ssoc Ssoc No More Blackhead 100ml, 3.38 fl oz


One Day You Refreshing No More Black Head 3.38 fl oz (100 ml)If you care about the dull black head and uneven white head that you peel and stick the nose pack you will immediately feel refreshed andrefreshed, but the skin irritation and sagging pores will not be restored.This product solves blackhead problems without stimulation, and can be used by anyone, and gently dissolves sebum to care for withoutpores Take care of the smooth and glossy nose with the inchOne Day You Seed Fat Refreshing No More Blackheadinch.Good ingredient X best formulaTriple Remove System?1. Blackhead MeltingSoftly dissolves blackhead and sebum with Hamamelis water and vegetable extracts.2. Remove sebumOpen pores contracted and lift soft sebum to the surface of the skin.3. Pore astringent calmingAfter wiping off sebum and waste products, the remaining plant deplements will soothe and tighten your pores.Main IngredientsGently sebum control that emits the power of Hamamelis water.It contains moisturizing hammereris water that naturally gives to the skin and pore astringent. Contains compounds such as zuboca extract, peppermint leaves, melissa leaves, and lavender,so you can use it on your forehead, cheek, or chin to soothe trouble!