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Here’s How To Prevent Maskne – The New Acne?

Mon, 2020-07-27

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, face masks have become part of our daily wardrobe and it has become second nature for us to reach for one before leaving the house now. Though they do play a vital role in preventing the spread of the virus, Maskne, or in simpler terms, skin breakouts due to wearing facial masks, has become the most recent issue that’s troubling many.

Why do we get acne from wearing masks?

Breathing causes the skin under the mask to be warm and moist, making it an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive and cause unwanted acne. Not to forget, all that friction and chafing (which I’m sure we all hate) from wearing masks irritate our poor skin, which can cause the clogging of pores that may lead to pimples or acne cysts in the worst scenario. And for those with dry or sensitive skin, you may even find your skin to be acting up even more in recent times due to the fact that masks absorb the skin’s natural oils, inflaming it and causing existing issues to go south.

Mask tips

Since wearing a mask is mandatory in Singapore, and we kinda don’t see the situation vastly improving anytime soon, here are some tips on how to protect your precious mien.

1. Never reuse surgical masks

Disposable surgical masks are good as they can be easily and frequently replaced, but they’re not made to be worn more than once as there is no good way to clean them. It’s definitely not worth scrimping and saving a few cents in exchange for your skin!

2. Fabric masks

If you’re a more fashion or environmentally conscious person, or disposable masks just aren’t cutting it for you, try to get a mask made of a material that generates as little friction as possible on your skin. Otherwise, there would just be too much chafing against your skin for comfort. We suggest going for 100% cotton masks for your skin to breathe, or washable silk masks for minimised discomfort.

3. Wash those masks

You need to treat your mask as underwear and wash it as frequently as possible. You don’t want to be putting a nasty, few-day-old mask filled with a buildup of perspiration, dirt, oil and bacteria anywhere near your face. Keep a few masks on hand and wash them after every use. Also, we suggest sticking to fragrance-free laundry detergents as any type of fragrance is generally bad for you to be inhaling, and can also irritate your skin and cause inflammation.

Dealing with Maskne

During this trying time, it’s worth considering adjusting your skincare regime to prevent your skin from acting up or increasing its sensitivity.

If you notice redness or swelling after removing your mask, we suggest soothing your skin with a refreshing, chilled sheet mask such as Shero Ching’s Skin Care Medical Cold Compress. If you don’t already know what it is, it essentially acts like a medical plaster that helps to heal and soothe any skin irritation before it erupts into something much worse. We especially love this product for its natural formula that calms the skin while reducing sensitivity with its anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Dermatologists recommend using a gentle cleanser to avoid drying the skin out, as well as non-comedogenic skincare products that won’t clog pores – the root problem of most acne and pimple issues. Your skincare routine should also contain products that complement each other to avoid irritating, over-drying, or over-exfoliating the skin.

Lucky for you, our newly launched Kylaz 3-step range of products is formulated to complement each other seamlessly to combat acne issues. Not only do their potent active ingredients heal, control and prevent acne, but they also strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent future flare-ups, lighten dark acne marks, and revitalise the skin’s texture.

Try incorporating salicylic acid into your regime to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and also to keep your pores clean and free from build-up sebum and dirt. Step 1 of the Kylaz range of products, the Blemish Healing Emulsion, does just that with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that also protect the skin against free radicals, preventing future breakouts while illuminating and smoothing the complexion.

Especially when using products that contain salicylic acid (which can be drying), moisturisers are extremely essential in your routine to keep the skin fully hydrated. Kylaz’s Moisturising Blemish Defence moisturiser stimulates skin recovery by boosting collagen production and rebuilding the skin’s barrier. Not only does it deeply hydrate the skin and reduce irritation, but it also improves the skin texture and brightens the skin tone.

Last but not least, our Spot Off Treatment rapidly combats breakouts by drying up blemishes under the skin and relieves inflamed and irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It’s definitely a spot treatment worth trying as it comes with a whole host of benefits like controlling sebum, healing wounds, and unclogging pores.

And if you’re a lucky one that hasn’t been experiencing any mask-related skin issues, don’t be too happy yet as it’s not impossible for you to develop any along the way, especially as the economy opens back up which may find you leaving the house and wearing masks more. Prevention is better than cure, so start your engines and practise good skin care, rather than neglecting your skin and having to treat it later.

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