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Susenji Bundle Mix & Match Susenji Bundle Mix & Match

Each Box of Susenji Ollie comes with 25 Sachets (3g each)
What makes this slimming product so different from all other commercial slimming products are the 3 core ingredients: OLEAVITA™, INNOSLIM, MOROSIL™. Proven to overall increase adiponectin by 23%, increase AMPK in fat cells by 100%, reduce glucose absorption by 46%, and reduce acetyl-coa carboxylase by 300%!

Each Box of Susenji MOFA+ comes with 20 Sachets (15g each). 
Love our MOFA? Fall in love with our upgraded version with passionfruit and cooltox added! Introducing MOFA+ - a passionfruit orange dietary fibre. Upgraded formula, improved taste with increased effectiveness! Each box contains 20 sachets. 

Each Box of Susenji Shake comes with 16 Sachets (35g each)
 Vegan-friendly, No sweetener, No trans fats, made with pure cocoa. 
Each sachet contains 13g of vegan protein. 
Balance nutrition, low calories (only 140kcal per serving!) Not only does Susenji Shake helps with weight loss, but it also protects the stomach.

Susenji 24K Slimming Gold Gel 130mls per tube
Our slimming gold gel helps to target all parts of your body including double chin and armpit fats. Medical grade rollerball massage on the tube allows easy application anytime, anywhere for maximum absorption.

Each box of Susenji Ohh! Nana comes with 15 sachets (1.5g each) of Lemon mixture powder.
Susenji Ohh! Nana is our new beauty oral supplement which promotes whitening, brightening, and restores fairness. clinically tested & proven, Susenji Nana rejuvenates your skin to improve the condition & tone in just 30 days!